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How Easy in Wix To Use? What Are Wix Pros and Cons?

About Wix

Launched in 2006, Wix is an online company that provides web hosting and website design services. Users can design and construct their websites in HTML5, and cellular websites, using drag-and-drop utilities. Two popular aspects of Wix are that developers can create web applications to advertise to other users, and users Don’t Need to understand any coding to create a Site

How Easy In Wix to Use

We asked plenty of normal people to provide Wix a try and tell us exactly what they believed.

The feedback we got speaks for itself — people loved Wix! Here are Only a couple of the thoughts:

“I was really surprised that making a website can be done that quickly. I didn’t think it would all get done, but in one hour, I have done everything.”

I can see myself certainly using Wix to actually create my personal site.”

Wix ADI designs your site for you, based on your answers to a few questions. You can make edits to the final layout, but this process isn’t perfect if you want complete control. On the other hand, Wix Editor uses drag-and-drop functionality, meaning anything on your site can be repositioned simply by clicking and holding the item, then moving it where you would like.

Wix scored an impressive 4.3/5 in our research for ease of usage, and we had been particularly Impressed with how quickly you can create a website with its own drag-and-drop editor.

For those who are a little more technology savvy, it is also possible to use Corvid from Wix (previously called Wix Code). This allows you access and edit the raw HTML supporting your template for much greater customization. Using Corvid from Wix is by no means essential, but the option’s there if you want to dig a bit deeper.

Pros and Cons


Easy-to-use editor, Using a side menu for Incorporating Pictures and apps

Great help features, including a searchable knowledge base

Automatic Site backups keep your work Secure


Can’t switch templates after a Website is live

May have to spend more on third party apps for scalability

100% Uptime Guarantee

Liquid Web Reviews frequently mention the hosting firm’s outstanding uptime. Contrary to most other hosting companies, Liquid Web guarantees 100% uptime. If they don’t live up to their guarantee, you can be given a control of 10x the amount of time you are down.

For Dedicated server customers, they supply a 30 second hardware replacement Guarantee as well. Meaning that virtually any faulty machine hardware will be Replaced within half an hour of identifying the issue.

Client Satisfaction

After everyone stopped testing Wix, we asked them if they had recommend it. . The results are in — and they are shining.

Wix into a friend.

In other words score into a context for you, that recommendation

People loved the liberty Wix gave them when editing, and only Just how simple it had been to drag and drop items around their site. They were amazed at exactly how fast they could make something they would be delighted to release on line.

The sole criticism folks had was to Start with, Wix can feel overwhelming. Customization — which it takes a couple of minutes to settle in the platform.

Support & help

Wix earned a 5/5 in that our Research to receive help and support. This makes it our number one builder for customer service, and the only builder to score above 4.5/5.

The question mark buttons scattered During Wix’s editor are small in size, but mighty helpful!

Clever tips concerning the instrument it’s attached to, attracted from Wix’s enormous Help Center. Some boxes even Feature a video tutorial.

Pricing Plan

Assens Price Plans
Lead Capture Forma50150Unlimited
Email Marking Campaigns Per Month520Unlimited
Emails Per Month950050,0001,000,000
Social Media Campaigns Per Month520Unlimited


If I’m being honest I had my reservations Concerning Wix Initially as their Product has not been easy to recommend. Back in the days it had been Flash-based and always a bit different (such as your old classmate who had that Weird taste in clothes). However, thanks to their own never ending improvements they ‘ve become one of the cool kids, gradually climbing our ranking to now claim the top position.

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